Roggi’s Auto Service in Hartford CT

Cooling System

A little Cooling System Care goes a long way. One way to get stranded in the summer time heat is to neglect servicing your cooling system. As a quick refresher, the antifreeze coolant pulls heat away from the engine and the transmission. The water pump circulates the...

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Your Car More Green

Even if you don’t drive a Hybrid, going greener with your car is not that difficult. Believe it or not, it’s mostly regular maintenance and timely car repair that will preserve your investment and help your vehicle to run more efficiently, thus having a positive...

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Transmission Fluid

My cousin recently asked me, when should he change the Transmission Fluid? If we start with the basics, the transmission of a car or truck uses gears to deliver the power of the engine to the driveshaft, thus producing torque to turn the wheels and create motion and...

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Spring Season

Winter in New England can be harsh on cars. This one? Not so much. We got lucky in CT. However, given the condition of some of our local roads, it can have your car rattling and humming and shaking apart. In fact, I had to stop and ask for directions out of a pothole...

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We Treat You Like Family

At Roggi’s, we take car repair seriously. Not only is our reputation as an auto repair shop on the line, but also the safety of our customers and their families. We have a courteous, friendly staff that greets customers and makes everyone feel welcome. Every Roggi’s...

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