5 Auto Repair Services That Can Prolong The Life Of Your European Car

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When you own a BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, or some other beautiful, high-performance import, you understand that you must protect your investment. You know that proper care and repairs not only keep you on the road, they also help you to extend the life of your European car. As a dedicated car lover, you recognize the connection between car care and car life. In exchange for your dedication, you get:

  • A car that runs when and how you want it to run
  • Performance that makes other car owners envious
  • The knowledge that you did your part to extend the life of your European car

Take Care of Your Car The Way You Take Care of Your Children

Cars are kind of like children with one big difference. When you take care of your children, you hope they’ll grow up, move out, and take care of themselves. When you take of your car, you hope it will stick around forever.

While no one can ensure that your car will last an eternity, these critical repairs help extend the life of your European car. They help keep your car rolling for years to come.

1. Engine

Your engine powers your car. If it dies, your car loses its value altogether. Your engine isn’t a simple mechanical device. It’s a system that incorporates a crankshaft, spark plugs, a sensor, a fuel pump, a fuel injector, and other vital components. They wear out and deteriorate due to age, use, accidents, and inactivity. Proper engine maintenance and repair help prolong the life of your European car. They keep you powered up and ready to go.


Okay, so your transmission is complicated too. Without it, your car might go backward and forward, but not necessarily when you want it to. Your transmission has a complicated configuration containing a torque converter, hydraulic system, planetary gear sets, and other parts. When your transmission develops a problem, timely repairs can prevent the need for a full replacement. It can revive the life of your European car so you won’t have to buy a new one.

3. Brakes

Properly functioning brakes extend the life of your European car. They prevent vehicle crashes and resultant damage. Repairs also prevent vibrating and shaking that often affect other systems in your car.

4. Suspension System

A bad suspension system causes wobbling, shaking, vehicle instability, and passenger discomfort. It’s a complex system that reduces vehicle wear with struts/shocks, bushings, ball joints, and other cushioning and absorbing components. Left unrepaired, any of these system parts can affect your vehicle’s overall structural integrity and life expectancy.

5. Electrical System

Your car’s electrical system supplies power to your battery, alternator, onboard computer, and other many components. When you have an unresolved electrical issue, it doesn’t just go away. Electrical problems usually worsen over time and may become a fire hazard.

Your Car Can’t do it Alone

If you want to prolong the life of your European car, your car usually tells you what to do. Dashboard readouts notify you about system or maintenance issues. Cars make odd noises when they need repairs. And of course, there’s that annoying check engine light. Your car usually does its part to let you know what it needs to live a long life, it’s up to you to take it to your mechanic.

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