5 Good Reasons for Foreign Car Maintenance

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When your BMW, Nissan, or Audi is new, it hooks you with fabulous looks and excellent performance. You love the foreign car precision and style, but then the road wears everything down a little at a time. When your car or truck infatuation begins to fade, it’s natural to consider giving up and walking away.

Don’t do it! All your car needs is a little TLC and quality foreign car maintenance (and maybe a shiny new paint job). When you take care of your car, it can keep you on the road for years to come. Here are five good reasons why quality foreign car maintenance is a sound idea.

1. Safety

Safety issues develop gradually as your car ages. Tires experience unanticipated wear. Brakes develop squeaks, squeals, and malfunctions. Suspension issues cause an increasing loss of control. Regular maintenance inspections allow your mechanic to identify and repair your car’s little issues before they get bigger.

2. Emissions Testing Compliance

Connecticut Emissions Program centers test vehicle Onboard diagnostics, Modified Snap Acceleration, Pre-Condition Two-Speed Idle, Gas Cap Pressure Leak, and Catalytic Converter. Your vehicle must meet test criteria based on age, gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), and whether it uses gas or diesel. A mechanic can identify and repair system maintenance issues to keep your vehicle compliant with state guidelines.

3. Cost Efficiency

The cost of buying and financing a new car will surprise you. You begin with a hefty down payment. If you fit the average buyer profile, the consumer site, Value Penguin, says you’ll sign onto a payment schedule lasting at least 60 months. Some new car buyers opt for 36, 72, or 84-month loans. Costs vary depending on the car and whether you buy or lease. Keeping and maintaining your not-so-new vehicle is a far more reasonable option.

4. Longer life

To extend your foreign car’s life expectancy, it’s essential to have timely oil changes, tune-ups, tire replacements, and other routine maintenance. Quality maintenance helps keep you and your car on the road until you decide it’s time to let go.

5. An Enjoyable Driving Experience

A well-maintained car is more fun to drive. When your vehicle starts on demand, rides smoothly, and gets you to your destination safely, it’s just a much better experience.

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