5 Things You Should Never Do To Your European Car

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Your European vehicle is more than just commuter transportation. It’s an automotive choice that says you deserve only the very best. So first, you keep your car looking good inside and out. Then, when it needs maintenance or repairs, it deserves that same level of care. 

As you contemplate the best way to keep your car running smooth, here are five things you should never do.

1. Never take your European Car to a domestic mechanic

When you drive a European truck or car, you have a right to be a repair snob. You have a right to be one of those guys who never, ever consider driving into a domestic auto repair shop. Instead, it would be best if you drove right by the corner repair shop without a single glance in their direction. It’s the right thing to do.

Why? You paid an excellent price to get a car that makes you smile. When you’re on the road, it gives you everything you need. A Europan vehicle is fast, sleek, and sexy, and the engine purrs like a big bad cat. Of course, you want to keep it that way. Why on earth would you let a Chevy guy under your hood? 

2. Never get a “tune-up” for your European Car

Never pay attention to a sign offering a good deal on a European tune-up. Why? Because there is no such thing. 

When you see a tune-up sign, someone is trying to con you into a 20th-century flashback. You know, the mindset that sends you reeling into the corner tune-up shop for points and plugs and maybe a timing adjustment. 

Your modern European vehicle is so tech-savvy, you don’t need a sign to tell you it’s time for maintenance. Instead, your car tells you what it needs. Its computer communicates with your mechanic’s diagnostic technology. Your mechanic reads the dialogue and knows precisely what to do. 

3. Never settle for shabby European Car parts

Why? The best way to keep your car doing what you want it to is to give it the quality auto parts it needs. 

If your mechanic promises to save money on repair costs by installing refurbished, pay-n-pull, or knock-off auto parts, shake your head and walk away. Find a mechanic who installs Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM.) And always remember, you get what you pay for. 

4. Never try to fix it yourself

It’s your car. Of course, you can fix it yourself if you want to. That doesn’t mean you should. 

Why? Your European car mechanic is a highly-trained technician. He learns the skills that make him a master at his job, but he doesn’t stop there. As cars change, a quality European mechanic changes too. He updates his knowledge and sharpens his skills so he can always do a superior job. A European auto mechanic acquires the latest diagnostic technologies and the newest tools to do the work right every time. 

5. Never pay more than you should

You and your European car deserve the best car service. That doesn’t mean you have to overpay. Before you leave your vehicle in a mechanic’s hands, talk about the cost. You should be able to get the quality work your car deserves for a reasonable price. 

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