Auto Repair Shop Reviews: What Can You Learn?

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When you need auto repairs, you want the best mechanic in town. That’s especially important when you have a Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, or some other imported luxury car. Not too many years ago, finding the right auto mechanic was a trial-and-error adventure. You asked friends and family for a mechanic recommendation. You took a chance and sometimes it just didn’t work out.

You need more information than that before you hand your car over to a stranger. Fortunately, online auto repair shop reviews help you make a more informed decision. You can learn what you need to know before you go.

Online Auto Repair Shop Reviews

Recommendations from online auto repair shop reviews aren’t as random as friend and family referrals. Genuine customer information gives you a preview of what to expect.

You can search based on the name of any business or any category in any city. For example, if you Googled, “best auto repair shops in Hartford,” you’d get a list of shops with the highest ratings. You’ll see Roggi’s on that list and we’re proud of that. We’re even more proud of why we consistently turn up in a Google “best” search. Our ranking is based on actual customer reviews.

You can also find reviews on these and many other sites.

What You Can Learn From Auto Repair Shop Reviews

Rating sites publish online reviews from actual customers. You can learn a lot from these personalized auto repair shop reviews.

What real customers have to say

Some review sites like Yelp, use customer screen names. Others share reviewers’ first initials and last names. Carfax auto repair reviews list the make and model of the car serviced. While most sites verify that the reviewers are actual customers, labels each review with a “Verified by SureCritic” logo.

What work a repair shop performs

Auto repair shop reviews usually explain the type of work a customer had done. Reviewers talk about engine repairs, electrical systems service, transmission work, tires, etc. They often include the vehicle year, make, and model. You don’t have to wonder if the mechanic can fix your foreign car.

Work quality and price

Some reviewers focus on the whole experience. Others talk about work quality, repair timeliness, and pricing.

Repair shop employees

Customer reviews often focus on interactions with an auto shop’s mechanics, technicians, and other personnel. They sometimes tell you if the employees made their experience better or worse.

Truthful feedback

Businesses have no control over what a customer says in their review. Review sites allow anyone to express how they really feel, so you get to see both the good and the bad. People usually say whatever is on their minds. If a reviewer says they would recommend a shop, they usually mean it.

Overall repair shop ratings

Nearly every customer who does an auto repair shop reviews ranks their overall experience with a 1-to-5 star rating. These rankings are simple yet important. They provide an overview of the total experience. They also help determine what shops show up in a search when you Google “best auto repair shops in Hartford.”

Roggi’s Auto Service in Hartford CT

If you want to know more about Roggi’s, please check out our auto repair shop reviews. Then give us a call at (860) 200-3480 to schedule an appointment. We promise to treat you like family.


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