Certified Foreign Car Mechanics: Questions Others Won’t Answer

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Are you feeling frustrated because the corner mechanic in Hartford, CT, won’t answer questions you have about your foreign car? Your foreign car is like family, and it’s having issues; you don’t need to deal with a poor attitude and bad service. 

You’ve got questions, and the corner mechanic does not want to answer them. 

Wanna know why? 

They probably don’t have the answers, so they’d rather not answer you instead of owning up. But unfortunately, that often happens when dealing with novices masquerading as experts.

There are questions you could ask that often expose an unqualified corner mechanic with no idea how to handle foreign cars or trucks. These questions include:

What is the charge for an evaluation?

Some certified foreign car mechanics will offer free evaluations, while others will charge a small fee. Unfortunately, inexperienced corner mechanics won’t provide an answer because they probably don’t know how much to charge to evaluate a foreign car

They’ll likely grossly overcharge because they don’t understand the market dynamics. Foreign beauty=high evaluation cost, right? Wrong!

What accreditations do you and your colleagues have?

Corner mechanics may or may not have ASE certification. If they don’t have this accreditation, they won’t know how to repair your foreign car or truck. But, on the other hand, you don’t want an unqualified hack rampaging around like a bull in a china shop on your foreign beauty, do you? 

You risk permanently damaging your investment with a misdiagnosis and poor-quality replacement auto parts. Instead, you need certified foreign car mechanics who know their way around a foreign vehicle. Moreover, the certified mechanic will know where to source original equipment manufacturing (OEM) quality foreign auto parts.

Can you show me the problem?

Foreign cars often require special tools and systems to diagnose them. As a result, your corner mechanic may sneakily try flimflam on you by giving a false diagnosis. 

If the corner mechanic cannot competently explain how they identified the problem, chances are they will use guesswork to repair your car. 

So, what do I do now?

First, thank your lucky stars that you are in Hartford, CT. Why? It is home to Roggi’s Auto Service, winners of the prestigious ‘Best Auto Service and Repair Shop’ award for the last 14 years running. They host several certified foreign car mechanics, ready to conduct any car service on your foreign beauty.

Some Hartford CT auto repair shops operate across the board, while others specialize in specific brands and models. Taking your foreign truck to a repair shop that only handles local car models is pointless. Only trust a mechanic that has experience working with your specific make and model. Roggi’s specializes in the following foreign cars:

  1. Audi
  2. BMW
  3. Mercedes
  4. Jaguar
  5. Lexus
  6. ­Porsche 
  7. Alfa Romeo
  8. Infiniti
  9. Landrover
  10. Honda 
  11. Mini Cooper
  12. Sprinter Vans

At Roggi’s, we value each customer so much that we treat them like family. We take your concerns seriously, and our expert team is ready to tackle any questions you may have. We are a team of certified foreign car mechanics in Hartford, CT, capable of handling any car issue you throw at us. 

You want to choose Roggi’s as your auto service shop of choice because:

  • We treat you like family
  • Provide expert and friendly services
  • OEM auto parts
  • Our services come with a warranty

Your car deserves to be handled by experts who know their stuffContact us to speak to our representative to get an estimate or schedule a booking. 


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