Cold Weather Car Maintenance Tips for Foreign Cars

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November’s gray skies are your early warning that winter is on its way. When the temperature falls, of course, you want to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy. You’ll have time for that later, but right now, your foreign car needs you to be its winter weather hero. 

Winter is sneaking up on you at this very moment. Soon you’ll be brushing the snow off your car and navigating Connecticut’s icy roads. Whether you have a sleek BMW, a sporty Toyota pickup truck, or a sweet Lexus minivan, you must ensure your vehicle is up to the challenge. 

As a winter weather hero, you probably know exactly what to do. However, we’re passing along a few cold-weather car maintenance tips just in case. 

Cold Weather Car Maintenance


Check your battery

When your battery is dead, it starts your day off all wrong. On the other hand, cold weather is brutal on a battery, especially if it’s aging or needs maintenance. To avoid a dead-battery dilemma, address potential issues now or at least before the first arctic chill arrives.

  • Check your warranty date: Forget about maintenance if you’re close to or beyond your warranty expiration date. Just buy a new battery!
  • Top off your battery fluid: Make sure the levels are correct if your battery requires fluids. Be sure to use distilled water. 
  • Check your charge: Some batteries have a built-in charge display. In addition, some cars have a low-charge dashboard warning light. To ensure you have accurate results, ask your mechanic to test your battery using professional equipment.
  • Clean your terminals: Clean away any corrosion or dirt using a brush and baking soda for optimum functioning. 
  • Buy a new battery: If your battery status is questionable, go ahead and buy a replacement. 
  • Keep jumper cables in your trunk: Just in case!

Check your tires

Make sure your tires have enough tread and have no damaged areas. Also, check them regularly to make sure they’re correctly inflated. Proper tire maintenance helps you feel more confident while traveling on ice and snow. You’ll also stay in compliance with Connecticut vehicle statutes

If your foreign car needs enhanced traction during winter weather, from November 15th through April 30th, you may switch to tires that include a “metal nonskid device” (chains or studs.) 

Replace your wiper blades

Another part of cold weather car maintenance is checking your windshields. Windshield wiper blades reveal their age during winter weather. Instead of wiping away the ice and snow, they can decrease visibility when you need it most. Auto parts shops recommend that you replace your windshield wiper blades every six to twelve months. So why not make blade replacements a November tradition?

While you’re thinking about your windshield, remember to check your windshield wiper fluid frequently. Also, keep a snow brush, ice scraper, and a bottle of fluid in your trunk. 

Test your heater 

Check your car’s heating system before it gets cold outside. Of course, you need to stay warm, but you also need heat to defrost your windshield and prevent ice and snow build-up. 

Give your car a once-over

Before the first snowstorm, ensure your car is in good overall condition and has gone through proper cold weather car maintenance. 

  • Make sure your starter works without difficulty. 
  • Check your lights to ensure you have proper visibility. 
  • If your windshield is cracked, consider replacing it before the cold weather increases the damage.
  • Be sure to keep your gas tank full just in case you get stuck in a winter weather traffic jam. 
  • If your car is an older model, have your mechanic run a diagnostic to find any problems that might surprise you on a cold, snowy night. 

Cold Weather Car Maintenance at Roggi’s Auto Service in Hartford CT

At Roggi’s, we specialize in foreign and European auto repairs. We can help you make sure your car is ready for winter. Call Roggi’s at (860) 200-3480 to schedule an appointment.

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