If My Car is Running Fine Should I Worry About the Check Engine Light?

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As long as your check engine light keeps shining, you should be concerned about your car. Taking your vehicle to get the repairs it needs is the best way to demonstrate that concern. 

That simple warning light is a direct link to your car’s onboard diagnostic system. That’s the heart of your vehicle, and if you ignore the warning, your vehicle becomes a victim. If you’re like many Hartford, CT vehicle owners, ignoring your warning light means you’re guilty of a Check Engine Light Crime.

When the 70s TV cop, Baretta, said, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time,” he probably wasn’t talking about check engine lights. But then again, maybe he was. It’s a crime the way so many car owners ignore their engine warning lights. So if it’s not a crime, perhaps it should be.

The Crime 

Count 1: You should never have ignored the warning light in the first place

An illuminated engine means your car is asking you for help. The light is bright enough. It’s in a conspicuous place, but for some reason, it’s really easy to ignore. As each day passes, ignoring that warning gets easier and easier until you barely notice it at all. 

Count 2: You missed the opportunity for an easy fix

A dashboard warning light gives you a chance to have a mechanic diagnose the problem. So you can fix your car sooner rather than later. The problem can be minor, something as simple as a loose gas cap or a spark plug. But you know how that goes. 

If it’s not something simple, your failure to take immediate action can allow a significant car issue to worsen. Unfortunately, that often means a more complex repair and a more extensive repair bill. 

Count 3: You waited until the stuff hit the fan

If a minor correction doesn’t eliminate your engine light issue, it’s probably something more problematic, like an oxygen sensor. Whatever the problem, it’s a good idea to catch it as early as possible. 

For example, if your oxygen sensor stops functioning altogether, it could reduce your vehicle’s MPGs. As a result, your car could produce more emissions. It could also cause problems with your catalytic converter and other vehicle components. 

Doing The Time

Your Sentence: For the crime of ignoring your check engine light

If you continue ignoring your engine light, you won’t have to endure criminal consequences. But then again, whatever happens to you and your car might feel like a punishment. 

  • Your engine might start knocking or smoking. 
  • Your exhaust system might release toxic fumes. 
  • You probably won’t pass the Connecticut emissions test. By the way, their testing analysis tells you what a mechanic could have told you (if you’d taken your car in for service when that annoying light first came on.) The Connecticut Emissions Program is unforgiving. They give you 60 days to fix your car and come back for a retest. 
  • You might find yourself stranded on a dark highway late one night. Then, of course, you won’t have to worry about your engine light shining anymore. 

Contact Roggi’s Auto Service

At Roggi’s Auto Service in Hartford, we’re a Connecticut-certified engine repair facility. We want your check engine light to stop shining because we think of you as family. We know it’s not a crime, but we understand the potential consequences. Our technicians diagnose the problem and recommend the most economical solution. Then we get the job done right.

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