Automotive Engine Repair vs Replacement

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When you love your car or truck, it’s never a short-term affair. To continue your happily ever after, you must maintain it for the long haul. That means more than just scheduled maintenance and a Sunday wax and detail. To keep your vehicle ready and running when you need it, at some point, you’ll require auto engine repair.

No matter how well you maintain your car or truck, it eventually requires more than simple mechanical fixes. Before your engine transitions beyond engine knocking and tailpipe smoke, you’ll have to make a decision: buy a new vehicle, repair your engine, or replace it.

Do you really want to buy a new car?

New vehicles are shiny and dependable. Cars have advanced technology. Trucks have fancy new tailgates and more. Buying a new vehicle is a great option if you don’t suffer from sticker shock before you take delivery. If you want a better-running car but don’t want to pay the new-car price, repairing or replacing your engine is a better solution.

The most recent National Transportation Survey shows that many motorists agree. Over the past decade, the number of years Americans held onto their cars, trucks, and vans increased from an average of 9.3 years to 10.5. That’s because it makes economic sense to keep a vehicle you love.

Auto Engine Repair vs Replacement

Excess engine wear can dampen your enthusiasm for your vehicle, but it doesn’t have to end your relationship. Your mechanic can give you options that produce higher vehicle performance, reduced gas emissions, and increased gas mileage.


Aging engines produce knocking, low oil pressure and other issues. An experienced mechanic can determine if engine repairs can increase your vehicle’s performance and reliability.


When your mechanic determines that engine repairs can’t fix your engine, he may suggest a replacement.

  • Rebuilt: A skilled machinist restores your engine or an identical engine. The process incorporates components that meet or exceed OEM standards.
  • New: A new engine is one that’s manufactured to your engine’s specifications. It’s usually costlier than a rebuilt engine.
  • Used: These often come from salvaged vehicles and have minimal guarantees.

Quality Engine Repair and Replacement

At Roggi’s, we care about your car. Our certified technicians rely on experience and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair domestic, import, and European engines. Visit our Contact Page or Call us at (860) 200-3480 to schedule an inspection and consultation.

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