Are Used Luxury Cars a Good Investment?

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A luxury car elevates your driving experience. It gives you style and performance unequaled by economy models. If this is what you desire, a used luxury car can deliver that same driving excitement for a less-than-new cost. You’re the best person to judge if it’s worth the investment.

There’s one important caveat. A used luxury car is still a used car. Sooner or later you’ll have to pay the cost of luxury used car repair and maintenance.

Know What to Expect

Regardless of its year, make, or model, your luxury car will always be a cut above traditional vehicles. You must still choose carefully. Luxury cars age gracefully but they still lose value over time. You should know what you want, where to look, and what to expect.

Consider Certified Pre-Owned

When you buy a recommended CPO luxury car, you pay slightly more for peace of mind. For the price difference, you get the assurance that the dealer didn’t just accept a trade-in, slap on a price sticker, and add it to the inventory. Of course, certification varies.

Factory Certified Pre-Owned:

A factory CPO vehicle goes through a rigorous inspection process. A CPO vehicle usually includes a warranty, a power-train warranty, and other benefits. You can only buy a factory CPO car from a dealership that sells the model you prefer. Dealers work with manufacturers to inspect CPO cars and certify that they’ve passed specified tests.

Dealer Certified

Some dealers have their own certification programs. Their “certified pre-owned” stickers don’t always disclose who conducted the certification. (It could be the dealer’s employees.) When a car is dealer-certified, the dealer decides what warranties to include.

Private Owner

While you might feel comfortable buying from a private owner, obviously, you’ll have no warranties, guarantees, or certifications.

Get to Know Your Used Car Before You Buy

“Certified” is a stamp of quality but it doesn’t mean a car is perfect. No matter where you buy your car, it’s up to you to determine if you’re getting a good deal.

  • Examine it bumper-to-bumper.
  • Have a mechanic check under the hood.
  • Take a long test-drive.
  • Ask Questions.

Whatever precautions you take, recognize that your need for future luxury car repair will be unpredictable.

Roggi’s Takes Good Care of Your Luxury Car

When you need luxury car repair, Roggi’s technicians give your vehicle the professional care and attention it deserves. Contact us at (860) 200-3480. We’re available for all of your European, domestic, and foreign car repair and maintenance needs. Visit our contact page now to get in touch with us.

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