Keeping Your MPGs On Track

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When you’re a car enthusiast, you want your car to hug the road, perform like a dream, and look good coming and going. If mileage is important as well, you must make the right choices to keep your MPGs on track. You must commit to taking good care of your car and getting the service you need when you need it.

Give Your Car Some TLC

There’s too much technology under your late-model hood to DIY most auto service. There are still a few non-technical tasks you can do to increase your gas mileage. Of course, you know these things, so consider them a friendly reminder.

  • Take the junk out of your trunk: The more weight your car carries, the more gas it uses. Your trunk should hold only what you need.
  • Change your oil: Clean oil reduces friction and lubricates moving parts better. This reduces heat and increases your gas mileage. P.S. Don’t go cheap on your oil. Use the type your manufacturer recommends.
  • Check your tires: The right air pressure reduces your car’s resistance on the road and saves gas. Buy a quality air gauge so you can check your tire pressure without assistance.
  • Drive better: If you take off like a rocket and slam your brakes when you stop, you use more gas than you should. Also, you probably scare your passengers.
  • Close your windows: Aerodynamic drag occurs when you drive with open car windows. Drag forces your car to use more power–and more gas–than it should.

Get Regular Maintenance

A Connecticut-licensed mechanic has the required training and experience to help you keep your MPGs on track. Modern shops use diagnostic tools that interact with your car’s onboard computer. The data output pinpoints your car’s internal problems. An experienced mechanic knows how to address both the technical and not-so-technical issues.

Check Engine Light Service

If your check engine light is on, it could be a sensor, a catalytic converter or some other issue that’s affecting your gas mileage. Diagnostic data shows your mechanic exactly what your car needs.

Get A Tuneup

Tuneups are no longer about points and plugs and timing but they are still essential. Your mechanic performs your individualized tune-up based on required adjustments and services in your owner’s manual and diagnostic data.

Don’t Forget Your Scheduled Maintenance

Your vehicle manufacturer designates a schedule of maintenance items to help your car run more efficiently. Your car’s required maintenance is outlined in your owner’s manual. Some manufacturers post vehicle maintenance schedules online.

Roggi’s Auto Service in Hartford CT

At Roggi’s, our skilled mechanics can perform any task you need to help keep you MPGs on track. Contact us at (860) 200-3480 to schedule your appointment. We’ll do the work fast. We’ll do it for a good price, and we’ll do it right. We promise to treat you like family, but we won’t clean out your trunk.

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