Essential Summer Car Care Tips

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It’s no secret that hot summer weather is on the way. If your car is your go-to source for summertime transportation, be sure to have it serviced before it gets too hot or you get too busy. Here 7 essential summer car care tips to help keep you riding all summer long.

1. Fluid changes

Oil, transmission, and brake fluids lubricate your car’s moving parts and minimize overheating. If you haven’t kept your car’s recommended fluid change regimen, now is a great time to get back on track.

2. Flush and Fill

Your radiator works overtime to keep your car running cool. As warmer weather approaches, a flush and fill will help your cooling system protect your car all summer long. A technician flushes out the worn fluid and refills your system with a fresh 50/50 mix of coolant and water.

3. Air Conditioner Service

You’ll need air conditioner maintenance before the heat shifts into high gear. Your technician will clean your fan, condenser, and coils, ducts, and change your air filter. He’ll check fuses, lubricate moving parts, and recharge your refrigerant as necessary.

4. Tire maintenance and inspection

We don’t mean to scare you but in 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documented 738 deaths due to unsafe tires. The NHTSA provides tire buying and maintenance tips and a Tire Ratings page. They recommend regular inspections to help keep your tires safe and help them last longer.

5. Brake Services

It’s no fun to have brake trouble while you’re on a family vacation. To avoid any surprise brake issues, have your maintenance guy check them for wear.

6. Battery service

Hot weather is just as tough on batteries as cold weather. Have your technician check your cables and connections, remove any corrosion, and check battery fluid levels. If your battery is nearing the end of its useful life, replace it so you can avoid summertime starting hassles.

7. Check your alignment

Faulty alignment can be annoying and costly. When your car isn’t properly aligned, the extra movement and vibrations wear out your tires faster and reduce your gas mileage.

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