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Winter in New England can be harsh on cars. This one? Not so much. We got lucky in CT.


However, given the condition of some of our local roads, it can have your car rattling and humming and shaking apart. In fact, I had to stop and ask for directions out of a pothole yesterday.

This can be murder on our tire alignment, suspension and not to mention our brakes and fuel efficiency.

It’s the perfect time for a Spring Tune Up.

If you notice the steering pulling you off the road to one side or the other, and the wheel shimmying a little, or vibrating a lot, it’s a good idea to have the alignment examined.

Maybe if you’re a true Renaissance man, you think “hey, I’m going to DIY the rest of it”, then be sure you visually check the belts for cracks and the coolant level, too.

Rotate tires and check the air pressure to make sure tires are properly inflated, thus maximizing fuel efficiency.

Make an inspection of the brakes. Checkout our video on brake inspection: What to look and listen for – Unusual rubbing and squeaking sounds are both warning signs.

Wash off all the remaining salt and grime from winter road conditions. Make sure you get underneath. If you have what we call an “Oldie but a Goodie”, check for rust and frame integrity.

Check all the fluid levels, too, in case some magically disappeared during the cold weather.

And, oh yeah, inspect your wipers, air filter and even the cabin filter to make sure you can see clear and breathe easy with the warmer days ahead.

Or, if you’re in the Hartford area, come by Roggi’s where we do all this, and 12 more check points, too!

Expect honest advice and seasonal automotive service you can trust. We treat you like family.

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