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My cousin recently asked me, when should he change the Transmission Fluid?

If we start with the basics, the transmission of a car or truck uses gears to deliver the power of the engine to the driveshaft, thus producing torque to turn the wheels and create motion and speed.

Just like with a car’s engine, the transmission has a lot of moving parts that generate heat and friction. Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for moving auto parts. In an automatic transmission, the fluid also acts as a coolant, absorbing heat and pulling it away from the tranny, circulating through the transmission coolant lines.

Most manufacturers recommend changing the transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on heavy-duty use of the vehicle. In the case of work trucks, changes could even be more frequent.

Every so many oil changes, we at Roggi’s recommended that you do a complete transmission flush. This service involves removing all of the oil from a transmission then using a machine to pump a cleaning solution through the lines to help remove grime and sludge that builds up over time.

Finally, this process replaces the old oil that was removed with clean transmission fluid.

Regular maintenance of your transmission now could help you avoid costly transmission repair down the road.

Don’t overlook the importance of a sound transmission. When it goes, cars and trucks are stopped in their tracks.

If you had to replace or rebuild a transmission that could be an expensive car repair.

Other repairs that are related to the transmission include replacing or repairing a clutch, problems with the differential, torque converter and/or solenoid and replacing gaskets.

Address issues early, before they become problems.

Look for leaks – Listen for sounds or if you feel a “clunk” when the care is changing gears – these could be signs that your transmission needs some TLC.

If you have any questions, come on down to Roggi’s for a tranny checkup – We treat you like family.

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