What About My “Check Engine” Warning Light”

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Your vehicle’s check engine warning light is your onboard diagnostic system’s way of telling you that your car needs attention. It’s pretty common knowledge that Hartford CT motorists are just like drivers everywhere. They often disregard this low-key reminder despite that persistently annoying glow.

After a while, your engine light becomes just another group of glowing words on your dash. They’re pretty easy to ignore, but you really shouldn’t.

“Typically, that’s an indicator to… you know… check your engine.”

That’s a line from the annoying sitcom character, Sheldon. He helped turn his sitcom friend Penny’s check engine light into a recurring joke. Sheldon was the first to mention her check engine warning light but he wasn’t the last. Whenever one of her (equally annoying) sit-com friends rode in her car, they also felt compelled to mention it.

Of course, Penny is an invented character but she was simply doing what a lot of people do… ignoring their check engine light. She’d been ignoring her check engine light for months. When her car suddenly made a rattling noise, blew out a puff of smoke, and just stopped, it was pretty funny. But that’s only because it was scripted to make viewers laugh.

Is your car trying to communicate with you?

Your check engine warning light comes to life for a few seconds each time you start your car or truck. Then it quickly fades away. That’s your diagnostic system performing a self-check to make sure it’s operating properly.

If your engine light remains illuminated, it could be something as simple as a loose gas cap. If it remains illuminated after tightening your cap, it’s still usually a fixable issue.

  • A problem with your catalytic converter
  • An oxygen sensor issue
  • A spark plug

If your check engine warning light blinks continuously, it’s your car’s way of shouting at you to do something now! A blinking engine light usually means that your car or truck has a serious problem and you should take it to a mechanic right away.

Don’t be a Penny!

At Roggi’s Auto Service in Hartford, we won’t judge you or your check engine light, not even if you’ve ignored that glow for months (like Penny). We understand that you’re busy. You probably have neither the time nor the technology to resolve the issue. So let us do it for you.

When you bring your vehicle to our Hartford CT shop, we use advanced diagnostic technology to decode the OBD data output. Our technicians will tell you why your check engine warning light is glowing and explain what we can do to fix the problem.

Call Roggi’s Auto Service in Hartford CT

Contact us at (860) 200-3480 to schedule your check engine light appointment. We’ll diagnose the problem quickly. When we get your OK to do the work, we’ll do it fast and economically, and we promise we’ll do it right.

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