What Ever Happened to “European Auto Tune-Ups”?

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If you’re a European car lover, you’re a true auto aficionado. You not only keep your car looking good, but you also enjoy staying on track with service and maintenance. If you hear an unidentifiable bump or screech, you’re talking to your mechanic first thing in the morning. You’ve never taken your late-model Audi or Mercedes or BMW to your guy asking for a European Auto Tune-Up. You know there is no such thing.

European Auto Tune-Up?

Modern European cars don’t require tune-ups anymore, at least not what repair shops used to call a tune-up. Late-model American vehicles don’t need them either. Vehicles just don’t have the same parts they used to have.

When mechanics tuned your car 30+ years ago, they performed a list of specific tasks. They changed out your points, plugs, and coils, checked your vehicle’s timing, inspected the distributor cap, and did a lot of other labor-intensive maintenance tasks.

Your Modern European Car is Technically Savvy

Your European car is a big computer with a high-performance engine, wrapped inside a sleek body with a sexy finish. The ignition system is electrical, and there’s no distributor cap. Spark plugs last far longer than they did even a few decades ago. Your car still needs regular maintenance and service, but your modern car is so technically savvy, its onboard system senses when it’s time and lets you know.

You don’t have to think about or remember maintenance schedules (or tune-ups?). All you have to do is take your car to a mechanic when a digital warning light comes on. Your mechanic will connect their diagnostic equipment to your car, find out the problem, and perform the necessary work.

So Why Do Mechanics Advertise a European Auto Tune-up?

The phrase “tune-up” has been around a long time. When you see a sign that says, “we do tune-ups,” they’re merely trying to connect with car owners by using a language that most drivers understand.

A repair shop that offers a European auto tune-up is offering a bundle of maintenance services that your vehicle probably needs. Before you drop off your car or truck, you should find out precisely what services their “tune-up” includes.

Roggi’s Auto Service in Hartford CT

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