Why We Specialize in Foreign Car Repair

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Why We Specialize in Foreign Cars

At Roggi’s Auto Service, we were passionate about imported cars and trucks long before they became an American tradition. Our technicians were some of the first in Hartford to master import car maintenance and specialize in foreign car repair. We chose to specialize in foreign car repair because imports were new, innovative, and exciting. Of course, metric tools seemed a little strange and foreign auto parts often took months to arrive. Still, we dealt with the challenges. Our mechanics worked hard, and they learned what they needed to know to specialize in foreign car repair. And look at us now! We’re the best import vehicle repair shop in Hartford, CT.

Roggi’s is a family company and we’ve always held ourselves to the highest standards. We are proud to specialize in foreign cars because we’ve learned, first hand, that it takes drive, dedication, and skill. At Roggi’s we’ve always been willing to put in the extra effort to develop the required mechanical expertise. When your foreign car needs work, we’re available and ready to provide a full range of services. Our technicians feel right at home working on a Lexus, Audi, BMW, Jaguar. or any other foreign car.

We Specialize in Foreign Car Repair

  • Quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts
  • Affordable Prices
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Certified Repair Technicians

Our technicians rely on our expertise to keep your car performing the way it should. We specialize in foreign car repair. We can handle any task from routine maintenance to complex transmission work. Also, we repair and replace brakes, tires, electrical systems, and engines. Our suspension system repairs keep your car riding smooth and easy. We help you maintain your desired comfort level with air conditioner repairs, heater repairs, and seasonal AC/heating system maintenance.

Our technicians perform repair services that help keep your car safe, comfortable, and running right. We specialize in foreign car repairs because we want to give our clients consistent, reliable repair options. We understand that foreign car manufacturers frequently introduce innovative upgrades. Our technicians stay ahead of the curve with continuous education and training. We learn the latest techniques and technologies so we can provide the highest quality service in Hartford, CT.

Schedule Your Foreign Auto Repair Appointment Today

For your convenience, you can book an appointment by phone or online. We provide a shuttle service when you need transportation to your local destination. If you have questions about your repair, we invite you to give us a call. We specialize in all foreign car repair and American auto repair too. We do what it takes to maintain our “Best of Hartford” status, and we promise to always treat you like family.


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