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A little Cooling System Care goes a long way.

One way to get stranded in the summer time heat is to neglect servicing your cooling system.

As a quick refresher, the antifreeze coolant pulls heat away from the engine and the transmission. The water pump circulates the coolant to the radiator where it is cooled off before being cycled back into the engine block to begin absorbing heat all over again. The thermostat regulates the circulation.

When we’re driving in the hot summer conditions, our car engines are reaching well over 200 degrees. This causes a risk of breakdowns – and take it from me, that’s not going to happen at a convenient time!

The most notable symptoms that a breakdown might be coming are overheating, leaks, the sweet smell of antifreeze and repeatedly needing to add coolant.

At Roggi’s, we recommend performing regular checkups on the belts, hoses, water pump and fluids. Leaky radiators, cracked belts and bulging hoses can be signs of needing car service.

If you can’t remember the last time you changed the coolant, this is another step you can take to preserve your car.  A radiator flush will add fresh antifreeze, and will remove dirt and sediment that might be mixing with the old coolant and causing damage.

Additional warning signs include the vehicle temperature gauge rising to dangerous levels, coolant leaks, steam or hissing sounds under the hood, or the burning smell of an overheating engine.

Please note, if ever you do happen to breakdown and overheat, NEVER try to remove that radiator cap while the car is still hot.

I will never forget a family road trip down south on I-95 back in the 1980’s

We were on a much needed pit stop in the steaming South Carolina heat. The kind that melts your Nikes to the pavement.

We saw the aftermath of a father and son, both badly scalded from opening the radiator cap on their Buick.

But not to worry, this awful scenario can be avoided with a simple auto parts check list.

Preventative car repair can totally reverse the risk – thus, avoiding a summer vacation Clark Griswold “moment” all together.

Expect honest advice and auto repair you can trust.

We treat you like family.

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