When your beloved ride breaks down, that doesn’t mean you must call your trusty mechanic. You can competently carry out some DIY car repairs and get the car back on the road at no cost.

But does that mean you should do away with professional auto repairs altogether? Is the mechanic only out to make a quick buck at your expense for something you can fix with little hassle?

Keep reading as we disseminate the DIY car repairs vs. trusted professionals debate and reveal which one you should settle for.

Training and Experience

Sure, you can conduct simple repairs on the truck yourself without the auto repair shop’s intervention. However, understand that you lack the training and experience to complete the more complex repairs.

You probably have to consult friends and need detailed directions to conduct the same kind of repairs a certified mechanic with years of experience will likely do with their eyes closed.

So, send your whip to the certified mechanic the next time it develops a mysterious issue as they win the DIY car repairs vs. trusted professionals’ argument in such instances.

Keep Warranty and Insurance

Speaking of certification, most vehicle manufacturers frown at any repair attempts by you or any unqualified person. Car makers only permit repairs from certified personnel on trucks under warranty.

If you want your warranty to remain valid and avoid paying for repairs out of pocket, take it to a certified mechanic like Roggi’s Auto.

The same goes for insurance providers. They typically require you to send it to a professional mechanic if it sustains collision damage. Similarly, they could refuse to pay if you attempt to repair it yourself.

You Can Cause More Damage

But why do auto manufacturers and insurance providers have stringent rules against non-professional repairs? Because there’s a real danger you might ruin the car inadvertently if you attempt to repair it yourself.

That’s especially true for foreign whips, which are notorious for packing complex, proprietary tech that’s beyond the knowledge of ordinary mortals.

Have Tools and Original Auto Parts

Most modern cars need specialist tools, equipment, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto parts that you probably don’t have access to.

Moreover, a certified mechanic likely has vehicle-specific testing equipment and diagnostic software, which makes it easier to establish issues and rectify them accurately.

DIY Car Repairs vs. Trusted Professionals: Which Should You Choose?

Deciding when to carry out repairs yourself or sending it to the mechanic is one of the more difficult things to determine. The general rule is if you face any trouble fixing a problem beyond your skill level, take it to a professional.

These are the common DIY repairs you can carry out:

  • Changing air filter
  • Windshield wiper replacement
  • Changing tire
  • Oil check and change
  • Spark plug replacement

Some complex repairs that you should leave to professional and certified mechanics include:

  • Windshield replacement
  • Engine repair
  • Radiator malfunction
  • Bodywork repairs
  • Fuel pump replacement
  • Electronics installation or replacement

Consult Roggi’s Auto to Settle DIY Car Repairs vs. Trusted Professionals Dilemma

If you’re still unsure about repairing a problem or sending it to a professional, consult Roggi’s Auto for a definitive answer, which might help you avoid costly mistakes.

Motorists around Hartford, CT, are in even better luck as they could visit Roggi’s Auto repair shop to have cars inspected by our certified mechanics. Our professionals have years of experience and certifications from reputable organizations.

Moreover, we treat our clients and their rides like family, ensuring they receive expert repairs at pocket-friendly prices.

Contact us or call (860) 467-0820 to have your whip repaired by certified mechanics.