Do You Really Need to Fix That Airbag Light on Your Dash?

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You might be on a leisurely drive when you notice the airbag warning light on your dash. It’s a mystery why it turned on as you haven’t been in an accident. Some of the main reasons it might come on include:

  • A depleted airbag battery triggered by a drained car battery.
  • Faulty airbag sensor caused by either dislodged wiring or wearing out.
  • Damaged clock spring on the driver’s steering wheel.  
  • The technician didn’t reset the airbag after a collision.
  • Water-damaged airbag module placed under either of the front car seats.  
  • Faulty seat belt, with the seat belt sensor not detecting that you’ve fastened your seat belt.

So, here’s what you should do if the airbag light comes on in the whip’s dash.

Is It Safe to Drive With an SRS Airbag Light On?

No, it isn’t safe. Driving with any warning light is never secure, as the system isn’t working at the required level. As for the SRS airbag warning light coming on, it means the airbags are likely disabled and won’t deploy when you get into an accident.

Moreover, there’s a chance the airbags might deploy without provocation, causing injury. The best course of action when you see the light on is to have a professional mechanic diagnose the airbag system and fix it.

Is It Illegal to Drive With the Airbag Light On?

While driving a car with the airbag warning light on might not be safe, you won’t face prosecution for doing so. There are no state or local laws that govern driving a vehicle with dashboard lights on.

However, note that you’ll fail a car inspection if you show up with the SRS airbag warning light on. If anything, many states will disqualify a vehicle if its check engine or ABS lights are on. 

What to Do in Case the Airbag Light Comes On

If you notice the airbag warning light is on while driving, these are some of the steps you should take to remain safe:

Avoid driving: The airbag system is faulty if the SRS light is on. Driving is dangerous as you run the risk of the airbags not deploying when in an accident or deploying at random, which could cause a serious injury.

Take the car to the mechanic: Do this at the first instance, considering the ramifications of driving an unsafe vehicle. Schedule a checkup with a qualified auto mechanic who can fix airbag issues.

Troubleshooting: Remember that the airbag warning light has several causes, such as failed sensors, corrosion, or worn-out parts. The mechanic will conduct a diagnostics test on the Electronic Control Unit to identify what caused the problem. If the airbags haven’t activated or discharged, then it’s likely a computer problem caused by a failed SRS system.

Clearing: After diagnostics and rectifying the problem with the SRS system, the mechanic will clear the ECU to ensure the light shuts off.

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