How to find Quality Foreign Car Maintenance and Repair

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Your BMW, Lexus, Porsche, or other high-end foreign car is a sign of your good taste. You need that same sense of discernment as you search to find a European car maintenance professional. When you navigate from point A to point B in Hartford, your import puts high-performance, reliability, and passion at your fingertips. Your Foreign car repair shop should deliver these same qualities every time.

You won’t find quality European car maintenance at the corner shop with the flashy neon sign. You need a game plan.

Ask a fellow European car owner

When an import repair shop has a reputation for high-performance, reliability, and passion, you’ll hear about it. If not, then ask. When you talk to a fellow European car driver, find out where they go for quality import car service and repairs.

Find out if a shop can do everything you need

Eventually, all European auto parts need repair or maintenance. You don’t have time to go to one shop for electrical repairs, another for brakes, and yet another for tune-ups. When you choose a quality repair shop, they should be able to do it all.

Ask the mechanic if his shop is “state-of-the-art.”

When you’re looking for a European car maintenance shop that meets your needs, feel free to use clichés like “quality,” “expert,” and “state-of-the-art.” They help keep you focused on the type of care your import auto or truck demands. A state-of-the-art shop invests in the latest technology to help your mechanic efficiently diagnose and perform critical repairs and adjustments.

Decide if a repair shop is convenient to your location

When you live or work in Hartford, you don’t want to go to Waterbury or New Haven for auto repairs. Of course, you’d drive the distance for a quality experience but you shouldn’t have to.

Roggi’s Hartford, CT European Car Repair

We don’t mind giving you tips on finding a quality European car repair shop. We believe your search will lead you right to our door. Roggi’s is passionate about European cars and we’re dedicated to quality repairs. Our expert mechanics use state-of-the-art technology and we perform a long list of critical repair tasks.

Just like your foreign car, we’re high-performance, reliable, and passionate. We’re also right here in Hartford and we promise to treat you like family.

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