Nowadays, cars have advanced emissions systems that neutralize toxic exhaust gases and reduce pollution. These emission systems are crucial to your truck’s effective operation and compliance with environmental standards. However, like any other system, the emission systems are not immune to malfunctions and breakdowns, so they need some TLC. Recognizing the telltale signs of emission system problems is crucial to avoiding costly repairs and keeping the car running smoothly.

Buckle up as we examine five of the most common signs of emission system problems you could have fixed by Roggi’s Auto, one of the leading local auto parts dealers in Hartford, CT.

1. Loss of Engine Performance Can Be a Sign of Emission System Problems

If your whip develops a sudden loss of vehicle performance, it may point to issues with the emission control system.

Since the system connects to all other components of the fuel and exhaust systems, problems with the fuel system, fuel pressure, or air transfer systems may significantly affect the vehicle’s performance. Signs of poor performance include abrupt stalling, misfiring, or rough idling.

Although a faulty emission control system is the main culprit for loss in engine performance, several issues can cause it. So, get a diagnosis from a competent mechanic.

2. Check Engine Light

Several problems can cause the check engine light to come on, but most car buffs know that the most common ones involve a defective exhaust system or emissions system.

When some trucks detect an evaporative emission control system (EVAP) problem, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, the check engine light will come on or flash specific warning lights.

When a warning light comes on, it would be best to have your beloved checked out by a professional mechanic, such as Roggi’s Auto, if you are around Hartford, CT, who will run diagnostics and pinpoint the issue.

3. Unpleasant Exhaust Smells

If your car emits an odor comparable to a chemical plant, rotten egg, or waste landfill, this might indicate serious problems with the emissions control system.

Gas fumes are highly flammable and hazardous. If you are in Hartford, CT, a trip to Roggi’s auto repair shop will fix your auto.

4. Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Has your ordinarily gas-sipping ride suddenly become a gas-guzzler lately? One of the functions of a car’s emission control system is to prevent gas vapors from escaping.

If the system malfunctions, depending on which component failed, you may notice a considerable uptake in gas consumption, hence reduced miles per gallon (MPG).

However, there are other potential causes of reduced MPG, so getting your car checked out by a certified mechanic can help confirm or rule this out.

5. Failed Emissions Test

Failing an emissions test is one of the most blatant indicators that your car has emissions system problems. If you own or operate a motor vehicle around Hartford, CT, you must check for emissions compliance as part of the state’s Connecticut Emissions Program.

If your truck is in its tip-top shape, it should breeze through the test. However, if the pollutant emissions exceed the permissible levels, it will definitely fail the test.

Failing the test does not condemn you to a life without wheels. It’s only a warning sign that your vehicle’s emission system requires fixing.

Solve Your Car Emission System Problems in Hartford, CT, at Roggi’s Auto

At Roggi’s Auto, we understand how important it is to keep your car operating smoothly while taking care of the environment. To that end, we provide emissions system repair and maintenance services.

Our technicians will thoroughly diagnose and recommend any required repairs or maintenance on your EVAP system to guarantee safe operation and compliance with state guidelines.

We treat our customers as a family; you can be sure your ride will get the same treatment. Contact us today if you need help fixing emission system problems.