Brake Service

Brake Service & Repair in Hartford CT

Brake Service in Hartford CT

Service to help you stop your car on demand

When you need your car or truck to stop, you expect your brakes to work. If they function properly, they keep you safe whether you’re cruising the highway, driving in stop-and-go traffic or trying to avoid an obstacle in the roadway. When your vehicle needs brake service, you can’t be certain that it will stop when you want it to stop. Your brakes are important to your safety. At Roggi’s Auto Service, we do our part to keep them well-maintained and functioning properly.

  • Comprehensive brake inspection and diagnostics
  • Professional brake service and maintenance
  • Expert repairs with quality auto parts

Expert Brake Service, Repair, and Maintenance

The experts at Roggi’s Auto Service understand that braking relies on a complex interplay of human effort, mechanical interaction, and specially engineered auto parts. You probably don’t think about how drums, rotors, calipers, master cylinders, and other brake parts work together to stop your vehicle. You just expect your brakes to work. When they don’t respond the way they should, they require immediate attention and brake service from an automotive specialist who cares enough to do it right.

  • Our professional diagnostics target the problem.
  • We specialize in disc and drum braking systems and we have the expertise to repair any problem.
  • Our experts provide brake service for your BMW, Bentley, Jaguar, VW, Porsche, Infiniti, Lexus, Volvo, and other imports.
Brake Service Mechanic

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty.*

*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

Brake Problems and Options

What are the signs that I need brake service?
  • Vehicle shakes or vibrates when braking
  • Grinding or screeching noises when you stop
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Brake pedal pushes to the floor easily
  • Forceful effort required to stop your car
How long can I wait to take care of a minor brake problem?
Brakes are critical to your driving safety. Even if you think your problem is minor, it’s important to take your vehicle to an automotive professional immediately. A mechanic wouldn’t try to diagnose a brake problem without a full inspection, a diagnostic, and the expertise to figure out the problem; and you shouldn’t either.
Are all brake repairs expensive?
The brake noises you hear could involve brake pads, drums, calipers or one of several auto parts. When your dashboard brake light illuminates, the problem could be as simple as low brake fluid. The only way to know for sure is to schedule an appointment for brake service with a trusted automotive professional.
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25 years of impeccable 5 star service... Great family owned company! Thank you!
JoAnne Panicek

We want your car to stop on demand

At Roggi’s Auto Service, we know that braking systems perform the powerful balance of actions necessary to stop cars and trucks on demand. Whether you’ve owned and operated your vehicle for a few weeks or a few decades, it’s up to you to get the brake service you need to keep your vehicle functioning efficiently.

Of course, you’re busy, but postponing car service leads to unpredictable outcomes. Brakes deteriorate. Problems worsen and become more costly. To ensure this downward spiral doesn’t happen to your vehicle, schedule an appointment and let us take a look. We want you to be safe so we promise to take care of your car and treat you like family.


In good conditions, traveling at 70 mph, it takes 348 feet to stop your car. That’s 23 car lengths!


“The best! I had 2 very old cars, used by my teenage boys, that Roggi’s serviced though the years. It would have been too easy for them to tell me what else to fix… but they knew my needs, my priorities (safety) and budget. Honest, stand-up guys .. and just so nice too!”
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Vehicle: Chevrolet Impala

Brake Services

  • Brake Inspections & Diagnostics
  • Brake Service, Maintenance & Repair
  • Drum & Disc Replacement
  • Caliper & Pad Replacement
  • Rotor Replacement
  • Brake Shoes
  • Master Cylinder Replacement
  • Brake Line Repair
  • Brake Fluid Change & Bleeding