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Your electric vehicle consists of an intricate network of wires and auto parts that require special diagnostic equipment to perform a comprehensive car service. Even though electric systems make it easy for technicians to access a vehicle’s data, you still need a dedicated and knowledgeable mechanic for safe handling.

Protect your electric vehicle (EV) by choosing a team that cares about your car or truck like you do. You can trust Roggi’s Auto Service as we have experience maintaining, repairing, and restoring our clients’ electric vehicles. When you choose us, we guarantee you:

  • Expert team and services
  • Affordable prices
  • Quality spares that last
  • Quick turnaround time

Electric vehicles are generally cheaper to maintain compared to gas-powered cars

Despite electric cars having lower maintenance costs overall, it is still crucial to perform regular services to prolong the car’s lifespan.

Dollars Saved

A Consumer Report states that an electric vehicle saves you anywhere between $6,000- $10,000 over the vehicle’s lifespan compared to a gas-powered car.

However, infrequent maintenance, incompetent technicians, and poor-quality auto parts can quickly rack up your expenses. You can prevent these issues by utilizing the expert mechanics at Roggi’s Auto Service.

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Excellent service. Very professional & friendly people. They give few surprises as well. Overall, happy for doing business with them.
Varun Sureshkumar

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Electric Car Issues and Solutions

Can an electrician fix an electric car?

Unless the person took a car electrician course, no they can’t. Repairing an electric vehicle requires specialized training to gain the technical skills and knowledge to handle the components of an EV competently. Training in repairing electric vehicles can equip someone to efficiently:

  • Disable power sources
  • Differentiate cables and other EV auto parts
  • Safely work around the hazardous high voltage batteries
What is that clicking noise when I turn the key?

When you hear a clicking noise when you press the start button or turn the key, the car may have faulty electrical parts. The clicking indicates a failing battery or a discharge.

Another sound you may encounter is grinding. A grinding sound means the car has a bad flywheel ring gear or a failing starter.

Can a bad ignition switch cause my battery to die?

The ignition switch activates the main electrical system in your car. If it fails, you won’t start your vehicle. Further, a bad switch is a parasitic load that ultimately drains the battery. 

What are the most common problems with electric cars?
  • Dead battery: The engine won’t turn over when you turn the key. Jumpstart the car.
  • Blown electrical fuses: Purchase a new one.
  • Car won’t start: Many issues could cause this, from corroded battery cables to fatigued starters. Carry out a diagnosis and have it fixed.
  • Software issues: Update or postpone updating a software release until you confirm the new update works flawlessly (from reviews by other users).

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 36 month/36k mile parts and labor warranty*

*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

Electric Auto Repair

It doesn’t matter whether you need something as simple as a signal bulb change or a more detailed electrical repair; you can trust Roggi’s Auto Service. Our dedicated team of experts will handle your electric vehicle needs promptly.

We can quickly diagnose your electric car troubles using our state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostics system. It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is a newer or older model; we can confidently handle it at a fair price.

Our skilled and dedicated team can handle all your electric auto repair needs. We will quickly evaluate the problem and provide an honest estimate.

Electric Auto Repair
“The mechanics at Roggi’s are very knowledgeable and competent. They recommended only repairs that were needed and discussed what repairs might be needed in the future. When we picked up the car everything had been completed as discussed. At other shops we have found that when we pick up the car not all the work had been properly completed. In addition, Wayne is respectful to everyone in the family. All too often other shops see a women or teenager come in and try to take advantage. At Roggi’s everyone is treated fairly. I can understand how Roggi’s has made it to the third generation. This family takes pride in their business and the work that is being performed there.”
Howard / Jason K. in Hartford, CT

Vehicle: BMW 528i

Expert Electric Auto Repair Services

  • Complete Electrical Diagnosis
  • Engine and Transmission Performance
  • Battery Testing and Replacement
  • Light Bulb Inspections and Replacement
  • Battery Terminal Cleaning and Replacement
  • Plug and Wiring Inspection and Replacement
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Controls
  • Gauge Replacement
  • And More…