Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs in Hartford CT

Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical diagnostics, maintenance and repair for reliable starts

There’s no thrill like cranking up your car and rolling down the highway. Unfortunately, if your car or truck has an electrical problem, it might not start at all. If it starts, it could stall out before you log your first mile. At Roggi’s Auto Service, we understand that when your car won’t start, it ruins your day and destroys your fun. We believe it’s important to offer electrical diagnostics and repair services that help you start your car on demand.

  • Expert electrical diagnostics
  • Electrical system maintenance services
  • Professional repairs with quality auto parts
  • European, Asian, foreign and domestic repair

Expert Electrical Diagnostics and Repair

A well-maintained electrical system is crucial to your vehicle’s reliability and safety. Your battery, starter, and alternator work together to generate and distribute power throughout your car or truck. Your electrical system energizes everything from your engine to your radio. In newer cars, an electrical system interacts with an onboard computer, brakes, and other systems.

When your vehicle doesn’t start, the problem could be as simple as a loose cable or an aging battery. If your electrical problem is big enough to prevent you from getting where you need to be, it’s big enough to require professional attention from our certified technicians.

  • We carefully inspect your electrical system and run comprehensive electrical diagnostics to determine your problem.
  • We use high-quality parts to perform only the repairs you need.
  • We have 65 combined years of professional experience caring for European, Asian, foreign and domestic vehicles.
Electrical Diagnostics Mechanic Hartford CT

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 36 month/36k mile parts and labor warranty*

*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

Electrical Diagnostics Problems and Repair Options

What are the signs of electrical problems?
  • Car or truck won’t start
  • Slow starting
  • Clicking noises when trying to start your vehicle
  • Check Engine light may come on
  • Dim interior lights
  • Corroded battery posts
  • Swollen or leaky battery
  • Burning smell
How will I know when to replace my battery
You should consider a replacement when your aging battery has difficulty maintaining a charge. You may also notice some of the problems listed above. A trusted mechanic will tell you if you should purchase a new battery or if your battery needs cleaning, new cables or other maintenance.
What happens when my alternator goes bad?
When your alternator has a problem, your car starts but it is likely to cut off during your trip. Your battery loses power and your electrical system operates unpredictably. Electrical diagnostics measure your alternator’s voltage production and other electrical system data. The information your mechanic gains from the process can diagnose an adverse condition early enough to have it repaired before it disables your vehicle.
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How long can I expect my battery to last?

To ensure dependable starts, you must make certain your electrical system is well-maintained and up to the task. A reliable battery is a key element of a sound electrical system. With proper care and maintenance, your battery will have a four-year average life expectancy. Roggi’s Auto Service performs electrical diagnostics, inspections, and regular maintenance to identify battery and other electrical problems. This approach allows us to repair small issues early enough to prevent big problems down the road.

“Roggi’s has consistently addressed my needs as if I were a family member. They have not only continued to keep our vehicles in the best possible shape, but they do it with a sense of urgency and responsiveness to people’s lives, jobs and needs. Should have written more often as they continue to surprise me with their customer first approach. It is difficult to find a service as reliable. Thank you Henry and Wayne for the car expertise and the service approach that makes it feasible to fit in my day.”
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Electrical Diagnostics and Repair Services

  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Battery Replacement
  • Alternator Service
  • Starter Replacement
  • And More…