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We know your car transmission inside and out. Its complex mechanical operations control your motor’s power and transmit it to your wheels. As your transmission works hard to power your car, moving parts generate friction and heat that cause wear and tear under the best of circumstances. If you experience transmission whining or vibrating or fluid that’s low, leaking, or burning, Roggi’s will inspect your vehicle and diagnose your problem. Our technicians replace automatic and manual transmissions for many makes and models. We offer the maintenance and repair services that are fundamental to keeping your car on the road.

Transmission Repair Services for your Farmington Auto

Your transmission is a complicated system of mechanical and technological components. When you have a problem, you need an experienced technician to get you back on the road. Roggi’s offers the fast, affordable transmission repair services you need. Our technicians use the latest equipment and tools. We evaluate your problem and consider a range of repair and restoration options. We inspect your vehicle for leaks, sensor glitches, worn parts, and more. Wherever possible, we avoid removing your transmission to reduce labor hours and repair your Farmington vehicle for the lowest possible cost. Whether you need torque converter repairs or require a complete overhaul, we do the work right and restore your vehicle’s performance.

Transmission Repair
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Transmission Replacement

Roggi’s offers three transmission replacement options: rebuilt, remanufactured, and used. The costs of your replacement will vary depending on your model, mileage, and replacement option. Our licensed technicians refurbish rebuilt transmissions right here in our shop. We inspect every component and maintain high standards to assemble a system as powerful and efficient as the factory original.

We select remanufactured transmissions from suppliers we trust. For our most economical option, we help you acquire a used transmission from a local salvage resource. Before installation, we assess used transmissions for quality and performance. We help control costs by performing transmission replacements right here in Roggi’s local shop.


Vehicle Clutch Repair

If you own a car with a manual transmission, you know clutch repairs are inevitable. When your clutch is spongy, loose, or noisy or you experience other issues, Roggi’s skilled technicians can diagnose the problem. We inspect and remove your transmission to evaluate the pressure plate, clutch disc, and flywheel. We provide an estimate and perform the necessary repairs.

Our technicians repair clutch components when possible and replace them only when necessary. We restore your clutch to its original functionality, reassemble your transmission and refill your fluid. Before we hand over your keys, we perform a test drive to make sure your Farmington car is operating at peak performance.  

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty.*


*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

Roggi’s Transmission Maintenance Services

Seasonal heat and heavy loads can strain your transmission system. To prevent expensive problems caused by these and other driving conditions, manufacturers provide a transmission maintenance schedule. Roggi’s technicians can help you comply with your maintenance responsibilities by performing important scheduled services. Our technicians visually inspect your transmission and components, perform routine cleanings, and top-off your fluid levels. We examine your pan gasket for wear and replace worn gaskets to stop future leaks. If necessary, we’ll drain your transmission fluid and replace it according to factory specifications. We do our best to keep your car running right.