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Roggi’s Air Conditioning Services

When the weather heats up, Roggi’s air conditioning services keep your car cool and comfortable. Driving should always be a pleasure but a hot vehicle can make even a short trip unbearable. If your car is blowing warm, stale air, it’s not just an annoyance, it can be a health hazard for you and your family. Whatever your AC concerns, our certified technicians have the training and expertise to restore your car back to the cooling performance you expect. Questions about our air conditioning services? Give us a call today. We promise speedy service, a fair price, and quality workmanship.

A/C Problems & Repair for Your Glastonbury Auto

Troubleshooting your air conditioner malfunction can be a time-consuming process. Problems with refrigerant leaks, unattached fittings, worn hoses, and many other issues can affect AC cooling power. Whether your problem is simple or complex, our repair experience allows us to simplify the troubleshooting process. Tell us the symptoms and we’ll listen. Is warm air blowing from your vents instead of cold? Is your air pressure weak? Has air stopped blowing altogether? Our certified experts will quickly diagnose and repair your AC problem. No matter how hot it gets outside, you’ll be riding in cool comfort.

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From the very first phone call it has been a true family experience. I felt like I knew them for years.
Louise Motondo

Air Conditioning Service

At Roggi’s we perform fast efficient AC service for your Glastonbury cars, trucks, and other vehicles. We stock the tools, parts, and materials to repair a wide range of foreign and domestic makes and models. Our technicians begin with a complete AC system assessment. We rule out Freon leaks and inspect your compressor and condenser. We replace any failing mechanisms and clean your system. Before you drive away, we test your AC’s performance under real-world circumstances. Our goal is to make sure you’re cool and comfortable and back on the road.  

Auto A/C Repair And Recharge

It’s hard to enjoy your summer drive-time when your Glastonbury car’s A/C system is blowing hot air. We can diagnose your problem and restore your system whether your A/C issue is big or small. Sometimes an evacuation and recharge can deliver instant improvement. If your problem is more complex, our technicians have the experience and the proper tools to complete any necessary repairs. When your Glastonbury car’s AC system experiences a reduction in cooling power, we promise to get the repairs done right and get you back on the road fast.

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty.*


*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

Roggi’s Climate Control Unit Repair

Electronic climate control unit repairs require technical expertise. Your climate control computer demands a high tech touch. These important systems control your comfort year round. If you encounter a display glitch, malfunctioning digital controls, or other automatic temperature control system problems, our skilled technicians have the expertise to complete the repairs. Roggi’s state-of-the-art equipment saves you money by identifying faulty or defective electronic parts. It allows our technicians to pinpoint the problem, swap out malfunctioning components, and make fast, efficient, high-quality repairs.