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Check Engine Light Repair

Check Engine Light Service

Has your check engine light come on? You should take it seriously. It’s part of your vehicle’s computer warning system that notifies you of potential hazards. Your check engine light could indicate a problem with sensors, circuits, a system failure, or even a loose gas cap. When you bring your Glastonbury vehicle to Roggi’s, we use our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to decode the computer output and pinpoint the reason for the warning. We have the expertise to interpret the results and resolve your check engine light problem.

Automotive Diagnostics Scan for your Glastonbury Auto

Your auto’s electronic features require digital equipment to diagnose and repair even the simplest problem. Roggi’s meets this high-tech challenge with state-of-the-art diagnostic scans, tools, and equipment right here in our local shop. Using the latest software, our scans isolate problems. Inspection cameras, infrared technology, and sensitive circuit testers allow us to get “inside” your engine. Scan tools read codes from your computer system and interpret what your car is trying to tell you. We consider our equipment an investment in our Glastonbury auto customers because it helps us save you time, labor, and repair costs.

Check Engine Light Repair
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Emission Systems Repair

If your check engine light glows continuously, you may need an emission system repair. Your car’s emission systems monitor and minimize carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and other pollutants. Your light could be signaling something as simple as a missing gas cap or as complicated as a malfunctioning catalytic converter.

Roggi’s can help your Glastonbury car meet Connecticut emissions standards. We’ll diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs before your test date. We’ll help you protect the environment and keep your car or truck operating efficiently.

Engine Diagnostics Test

Your car’s onboard computer and Roggi’s diagnostic equipment take the guesswork out of engine repairs. Diagnostic tools help us find, estimate, and fix many maintenance and repair issues. Scans pinpoint the cause of stalling, rough idling, and other engine problems.  

Our technicians can access a database of manufacturer’s make and model information and specifications. When we inspect your car, we can determine if it’s subject to repair notifications or manufacturer recalls. Technology empowers our technicians to diagnose and repair your engine problems more efficiently.

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty.*


*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

Roggi’s Vehicle Safety Inspection

Roggi’s vehicle safety inspections are all about keeping you on the road safely and meeting state guidelines. When you need a safety inspection or emissions scan, we’re your go-to guys. Our local technicians know and understand Connecticut vehicle requirements and we provide fast, quality, cost-efficient service. Roggi’s certified mechanics and technicians are experienced in evaluating emissions, safety, and check engine light alerts. We inspect all the systems in your Glastonbury vehicle to ensure there are no safety compliance issues. We make sure our services adhere to state testing procedures.