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Car Oil Changes and Fluids

There’s more than one type of car oil change. Roggi’s will make sure your vehicle gets the best option for its unique requirements. Our Glastonbury car maintenance services are tailored to your vehicle and include fluid solutions like full synthetic, synthetic blends, and high mileage motor oil. Each is designed to keep your Glastonbury automobile running smoothly. Oil changes are vital as a part of your vehicle’s routine and scheduled maintenance. We’ll check your manufacturer guidelines and give your car top-rated oil changes. We’ll replace the oil filter for premium performance.

While we have your car, we’ll do a maintenance inspection. We will top off your vehicle’s transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid and recommend replacement if necessary. With your permission, we will do the necessary work to keep these essential components performing at their absolute best.

Engine Tune-Ups for your Glastonbury Auto

Roggi’s offers quality, auto tune-ups at an affordable price. We provide scheduled car services like visual inspections of the filters, spark plugs and wires, oil and coolant levels, and more. If we find concerns with engine performance, we will explain the issue and costs and then fix it. Our engine tune-ups stop problems in their tracks before they become a huge expense.

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Air, Fuel, & Oil Filtration Replacement

You’ll need to replace all of your car filters at some point. We can assess the condition of your auto filtration systems to determine which filters require changing. We take your Glastonbury auto’s mileage into consideration along with driving conditions, seasons, and weather.

Air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters are the classic three that when switched out will drastically improve the performance of your car or truck. When replaced, car filters are clean and permeable, allowing the engine and fuel system to run with less effort. Anything that enhances engine and fuel function is worth the time and attention.

Auto Spark Plug Replacement Services

Erosion, breakage, melting, and more can affect your vehicle spark plugs. The specialists at Roggi’s know just how to analyze your spark plugs and wires to find an answer to problems like reduced fuel efficiency, starting troubles, acceleration issues and more. Most people can tell when their plugs need to be changed. Rocky idling, weakened power, and engine surges are sure signs.

Our spark plug replacement services are top quality and offer next-generation longevity. Not only will you increase gas mileage, you’ll have fewer harmful emissions and inhibit air pollution. Installed, new spark plug replacements can offer up to three times the life of older copper plug styles.

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty.*


*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

Roggi’s Scheduled Auto Preventative Factory Maintenance

Roggi’s vehicle preventative maintenance is the most important thing you can do for the health of your car. We offer more than a one size fits all solution. Our technicians review your manufacturer guidelines to ensure every vehicle gets the specific treatment it needs. You will save yourself time and money and increase the life of your Glastonbury engine with regular and scheduled auto maintenance. We’ll even provide you with a car checklist to follow according to the mileage, make and model. Let our expert technicians take the wheel and get you running smoothly with our expert auto preventative maintenance.