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Best Shock and Strut Installations for Glastonbury

Suspension and Shocks Installations

Suspension Service and Installations

Bumpy ride? At Roggi’s, we believe your vehicle’s suspension system should give you a smooth and balanced driving experience. At our local Hartford, CT shop, we provide the Glastonbury suspension repair and maintenance services that keep your car running right. Our mechanics are highly-trained technicians with the skills to repair a wide range of car makes and models. We use innovative equipment and technology to perform a comprehensive suspension system evaluation. During our assessment, we inspect your coil springs, wheel bearings, power steering fluid, steering functionality, tires and more. We work hard to find the most affordable suspension repair solution for your vehicle.

Shock & Strut Installation for your Glastonbury Auto

Shocks and struts are critical to maintaining your car and ensuring a safe driving experience. When your shocks and struts are worn or damaged, they impact how your tires hold the road. They can cause hydroplaning, car swaying, reduced maneuverability, and problems with your entire suspension system. For optimum vehicle performance, we recommend a shock and strut evaluation during routine maintenance checkups and replacement every 50,000 miles. Proper maintenance can save you money by reducing the harmful effects of worn shocks and struts on other parts of your Glastonbury car.

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Car Steering Repairs

Modern trucks and cars have power steering systems with advanced designs. Roggi’s technicians know the latest specifications and procedures to maintain and repair these systems in your Glastonbury vehicle. We offer power steering fluid replacements, parts lubrication, pump replacements, and more. We use quality brands at reasonable prices and rely on the latest technology to reduce labor costs.

We help you avoid problems that affect tire durability and vehicle safety. By rotating your tires, we help you avoid preventable wear. And if you need replacements, our tire shop stocks the brands you need for a price that fits your budget.

Wheel Alignment Services

Hartford’s rough winters and road conditions can cause vehicle alignment problems. You may experience balance and steering control problems, reduced fuel efficiency, and uneven tire tread wear. A poorly aligned car or truck can reduce driver and passenger safety by diminishing your ability to control your vehicle. Wheel alignment is especially important when you’ve had suspension repair.

Our service specialists listen to you, inspect your vehicle, and explain your options. We perform your wheel alignment based on precise, computer-generated measurements specific to your vehicle. Our service can save you money by increasing your tire life and increasing your fuel efficiency.

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty.*


*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

Roggi’s Vehicle Suspension Services

If a day on the road means a rough ride, difficult turns, worn tires, and vehicle noise, Roggi’s vehicle suspension services can give you a better driving experience. We are local to you and know the unique road conditions that affect your Glastonbury car. Our technicians provide vehicle suspension services that enhance your stability, driving control, comfort, and safety.

Before we do the work, we inspect your vehicle and provide a detailed estimate. We explain your repair and maintenance options and the reasons behind each job. Roggi’s vehicle suspension services are customized to our community. We are local and we pride ourselves on delivering a customer experience that won’t let you down