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Honda Hybrid Auto Service

Why you should leave Honda hybrid car and hybrid truck auto services to experts

Honda hybrid and electric cars are complex autos that you shouldn’t leave at the hands of a corner mechanic. They have neither the skills, expertise, nor experience to provide a Honda service and could ruin your hybrid car even further.

That’s why you should only settle on a Honda service shop such as Roggi’s Auto Service in Hartford, CT. We offer repair and maintenance services tailored specifically to Honda hybrid cars and hybrid trucks. 

Our hybrid car service professionals are highly trained experts who use cutting-edge Honda car hybrid-specific information systems and diagnostic equipment. You can count on us to give you the best Honda hybrid car and hybrid truck auto services in Hartford, CT. We provide the following:

  • Fast turnaround
  • OEM auto parts
  • Affordable prices
  • Certified team of technicians

Choosing Honda Hybrid Car and Hybrid Truck Auto Services

If you need Honda hybrid car and hybrid truck auto services, you should only choose a Honda hybrid repair shop capable of handling hybrid automobiles and certified by the ASE. 

If you are in Hartford, CT, one of the leading Honda hybrid auto professionals is Roggi’s Auto Service. We have some of the best Honda hybrid mechanics near you, having undergone the best training. They also have hands-on experience handling Honda hybrid repairs and maintenance jobs to the highest standards.

Unlike a Honda hybrid dealership, we charge reasonable rates, even though we use OEM parts and qualified mechanics as good as those found in a Honda dealership with service. Moreover, we treat clients and their cars like family.

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From the very first phone call it has been a true family experience. I felt like I knew them for years.
Louise Motondo

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What are the service needs for Honda hybrid cars and trucks?

Honda hybrid vehicles have the exact service needs as other automobiles. For instance, you should have the oil changed and filter replaced every few thousand miles and inspect the brakes. Refer to the user manual for more details.

However, there is a difference as the Honda 2 motor hybrid system will need extra inspections on the battery and electrical system. Therefore, it’s essential to consult the owner’s manual, follow up on the Hinda hybrid car’s history, and get in touch with a professional technician in a Honda hybrid auto service.

How often should I seek Honda Hybrid Car and Hybrid Truck Auto Services?

Honda hybrid cars and trucks feature a combustion engine and an electric motor. Follow the Honda hybrid maintenance schedule and have it regularly serviced to keep your vehicle operating optimally.

Can I perform the necessary maintenance services on my own?

It is possible to do simple maintenance on your own, such as inflating tires and inspecting fluid levels. However, hybrid vehicles’ electric components use complex technology, which takes a trained mechanic to troubleshoot and repair.

Remember to have regular maintenance performed on your car by a professional technician; it can help your auto parts last much longer.

How do I know when my Honda hybrid vehicle is having battery issues?

When the battery in a hybrid car fails, the engine won’t turn over, the vehicle loses power or stalls, and a warning light comes on. You know it is time to take your car in for a professional diagnosis and repair whenever you observe any of these indicators.

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 36 month/36k mile parts and labor warranty*

*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

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Honda hybrids are very different from other standard vehicles. They have a complex system and vast numbers of moving parts. That’s why you should only let a certified Honda hybrid car auto service mechanic work on it.

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If you demand that only the best mechanical team takes care of your Honda hybrid car or truck, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We protect your investment through quality workmanship, fair prices, and dedicated customer service that will treat you like family. We invite you to schedule an appointment online, give us a call, or visit in person whenever you are in Hartford, CT. Our friendly customer service representatives will gladly handle any queries you may have.

Honda Hybrid Auto Service
“The mechanics at Roggi’s are very knowledgeable and competent. They recommended only repairs that were needed and discussed what repairs might be needed in the future. When we picked up the car everything had been completed as discussed. At other shops we have found that when we pick up the car not all the work had been properly completed. In addition, Wayne is respectful to everyone in the family. All too often other shops see a women or teenager come in and try to take advantage. At Roggi’s everyone is treated fairly. I can understand how Roggi’s has made it to the third generation. This family takes pride in their business and the work that is being performed there.”
Howard / Jason K. in Hartford, CT

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Hybrid Truck or Car Auto Repair Services

  • Brake Services
  • Tire Repair and Rotation 
  • Heating and Cooling System Maintenance
  • Steering and Suspension Services
  • Wheel Alignment Services
  • Oil Changes and General Maintenance
  • Charging and Electrical System Repairs
  • Hybrid Battery Replacement and Repair
  • Emissions and Drivability Services