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Searching for an auto shop dealing with hybrid auto repair and replacement in Hartford CT? Look no further than Roggi’s hybrid auto repair shop in Hartford, CT.

Your hybrid vehicle is special; only select mechanics have the qualifications to work on it. You can take your hybrid car to any auto repair shop for regular maintenance, but it is safer to deal with an expert hybrid mechanic near you when it needs replacements and engine repairs. 

Hybrid engines require expert hybrid repair by mechanics who’ve received the required training. Head to Roggi’s Auto Service hybrid repair in Hartford, CT, for a qualified team of experts ready to offer the following services:

  • Quality parts
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Expert services
  • Quick TAT
  • OEM parts
  • Foreign and domestic engine repair

    We deal with minor repairs and significant replacements

    When looking for an expert auto service team for hybrid auto repair and replacement in Hartford CT, ensure you select one with a proven track record. It doesn’t matter whether your hybrid car needs minor repairs or significant replacements; only the best will do.

    Our certified team uses modern technology to accurately diagnose the root cause of your foreign truck’s issues. After diagnosing the problem, we will give you a range of pocket-friendly solutions for your hybrid car repair. 

    Regular maintenance is the difference between your car serving you for long and frequent costly repairs. You invested a lot of money into your hybrid vehicle. The only way your hybrid vehicle will serve you better is by getting the best service from an auto shop dealing with hybrid auto repair and replacement in Hartford CT.  


    – The average maintenance cost of Toyota hybrid vehicles over 10 years. This is $829 lower than the industry average.

    Bosch Service Experts
    Excellent diagnosis and same day service. My X1 is back in fighting condition. Thanks for the help. -Tom
    Thomas Gallagher


    What are the biggest repair issues for hybrid auto engines?

    The most common repair issues for hybrid vehicles are weak batteries, faulty oxygen sensors, failing catalytic converters, and problems with the evaporative emission system. 

    Can any mechanic repair a hybrid auto engine?

    No, you risk permanently damaging your hybrid vehicle if you let any mechanic work on your car. Instead, locate a hybrid repair shop near you and settle on a hybrid car mechanic with the right qualifications to work on a hybrid engine. 

    How often will you need to replace a hybrid engine battery?

    It is normal for hybrid engine batteries to fail after 160,000 Km (99,419 miles). After this, you may need to purchase a replacement battery. 

    Do hybrid vehicles cost more to repair?

    Although hybrids have a regular car engine and an electric motor, they can cost more to repair, especially when out of warranty. While it will go through the same number of maintenance schedules, auto repair hybrid maintenance will cost more because of its two drive trains.

    You will have to locate a mechanic for hybrid cars near you who must undergo specialized training to handle your vehicle competently.

    Our Warranty

    We guarantee all of our auto services with a 36 month/36k mile parts and labor warranty*

    *On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

    One Big Auto Family

    You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for hybrid auto repair and replacement in Hartford CT. Once you bring your ride to us, you automatically become family; And we take care of our family. We’ll address your concerns, give you the best solution and show you how we intend to solve your hybrid vehicle issues. 

    If your hybrid truck is due for a regular checkup, now is an excellent time to reach out to this hybrid car mechanic near you. We have a well-trained customer service team on hand, ready to answer any questions you may have for us. 

    We value communication, and your comfort is our priority. Schedule an online appointment to discuss your concerns and needs, and Roggi’s hybrid auto repair will be at your service. Better yet, walk into our auto service shop if you’d like to share your concerns in person. 

    Hybrid Auto Repair
    “The mechanics at Roggi’s are very knowledgeable and competent. They recommended only repairs that were needed and discussed what repairs might be needed in the future. When we picked up the car everything had been completed as discussed. At other shops we have found that when we pick up the car not all the work had been properly completed. In addition, Wayne is respectful to everyone in the family. All too often other shops see a women or teenager come in and try to take advantage. At Roggi’s everyone is treated fairly. I can understand how Roggi’s has made it to the third generation. This family takes pride in their business and the work that is being performed there.”
    Howard / Jason K. in Hartford, CT

    Vehicle: BMW 528i

    Hybrid Truck or Car Auto Repair Services

    • Brake Services
    • Tire Repair and Rotation 
    • Heating and Cooling System Maintenance
    • Steering and Suspension Services
    • Wheel Alignment Services
    • Oil Changes and General Maintenance
    • Charging and Electrical System Repairs
    • Hybrid Battery Replacement and Repair
    • Emissions and Drivability Services