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Steering and Suspension Repairs in Hartford CT

Steering and Suspension Hartford CT

Services that restore your comfort and safety

A rough road is hard to ignore when your steering and suspension systems need repair. Worn or damaged components diminish your driving comfort. They cause vehicle instability and loss of control. At Roggi’s Auto Service of Hartford, CT, our experts provide a variety of solutions to eliminate your suspension and steering problems and keep you comfortable and safe on even the roughest roads.

  • Expert car and truck inspection and diagnostics
  • Auto and truck maintenance services
  • Speedy repairs with quality auto parts

Expert Steering and Suspension System Repairs and Maintenance

We can’t fix Hartford County’s rough roads, but our auto repair experts offer solutions to make your travels safer and smoother. To better understand your vehicle’s needs, we begin your repair process by listening to your concerns. We inspect your vehicle and check your fluids. When we uncover a problem, we perform the work professionally using high-quality struts, shocks, coil springs, linkage and other key suspension and steering auto parts.

  • We understand automotive problems and know what to look for.
  • We offer our professional best whether your repair job is big or small.
  • Our experts service, maintain and repair your BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, VW, Porsche, Infiniti, Lexus, Volvo, and other imports.
  • We promise you’ll drive away with a renewed sense of balance, stability, comfort and control.
Steering and Suspension Wheel Alignment

Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our auto services with a 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty.*

*On non-wear and tear items or unless otherwise specified.

Suspension and Steering Problems and Options

What are the signs of suspension or steering problems?

  • Vehicle shakes, vibrates, or bounces
  • You hear rattles and other noises
  • Tire wear is uneven
  • Steering wheel is hard to turn
  • Vehicle is difficult to handle or control
  • Noticeable signs of fluid leakage
How crucial are suspension and steering repairs?
Suspension and steering systems work together to control your vehicle and make driving safer and more enjoyable. When there’s a problem, it can take the joy out of driving the car you love. When you suspect even minor suspension or steering difficulties, it’s important to have them diagnosed immediately. The problems don’t just go away. Left unrepaired they cause excessive tire wear, misalignment, safety issues, and more expensive problems.


Are suspension and steering repairs expensive?
Repair costs vary depending on the problem. Your vehicle’s issue could be as simple as low fluid or a few worn out or damaged parts. It’s important to determine the cause before the condition worsens. To ensure that you receive quality repairs for the best price, take your car to an auto mechanic you trust… a mechanic that treats you like family.


Bosch Service Experts
Excellent diagnosis and same day service. My X1 is back in fighting condition. Thanks for the help. -Tom
Thomas Gallagher

We want your drive-time to be safe and smooth

Each time you get behind the wheel, Roggi’s Auto Service wants it to be a happy experience. Buying a new car or truck is one way to accomplish that. Maintaining your existing vehicle with professional repair services and quality parts is a more economic option. When your vehicle bounces, pulls to one side or is difficult to steer, our suspension and steering services bring back the smooth ride you remember.

Contact us to schedule a diagnostic appointment and we’ll do our part to keep your drive-time safe and smooth.


78% of women feel uncomfortable making used car purchases due to lack of information despite the fact that they make up over half of used car sales.

Source: CarMD

“Honest, quick, and no run arounds. Had an issue at an inspection check, and brought it in to be fixed. High mileage car didn’t need to be perfect and they understood that. They fixed what needed to be fixed, told me what could be fixed, and were upfront about how serious any remaining issues really were.”
Thomas O. in Hartford, CT

Vehicle: Ford Focus

Suspension and Steering Repair Services

  • Suspension & Steering Diagnostics
  • Suspension & Steering Inspection
  • Shock and Strut Replacement
  • Coil Springs Replacement
  • Vehicle Alignment
  • Power Steering Repair
  • Power Steering Fluid Replacement
  • Bushing Repair
  • Wheel Bearing Repair