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You drive a luxury car because you love the way it makes you feel. A Jaguar, a Lexus, or an Audi surrounds you with a sense of comfort and excitement you’ll never get from a domestic subcompact.

High-performance vehicle manufacturers help keep luxury cars fresh and new by designing and implementing industry-leading luxury car technologies. Of course, it’s not always about comfort and excitement. Some technologies enhance your driving performance. Others help keep you safe on the road.

Not For Techies Only

Even if you’re not a tech-savvy driver, you’ll appreciate these active car options. So, here are just a few of the latest luxury car technologies.

Dynamic Digital Suspension

First, who knew technology could do so much to make a luxury ride even better? A digitally enhanced suspension system increases your comfort by absorbing each jostle and bump along a less-than-perfect road surface. You can even adjust your digital suspension system for a soft or firm ride.

Radar Blind Spot Detection

Second, blindspot detection helps protect you from harm when a driver slips into your blind spot or encroaches your lane. Depending on the circumstances, the system warns you with an illuminated signal or an alarm. If your system includes braking or steering intervention, it activates your brakes or steers you clear of the danger.

LED Adaptive Driving Beam Systems

Also, the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration is finally changing vehicle equipment rules to allow self-dimming headlights. ADB system sensors “see” oncoming vehicles or pedestrians. The beams automatically redistribute and/or dim the car’s headlights to reduce distracting glare and allow safer nighttime driving. BMW and Audi have participated in research to promote ADB approval.

Forward Emergency Braking

Furthermore, the newest versions of this emergency technology implement a two-tier warning system. When your vehicle encounters danger ahead. the system signals you then automatically eases your acceleration. If you don’t react quickly enough, it applies the brakes.

Roggi’s Takes Good Care of Your Luxury Car

When your luxury technologies need repair, you want the work performed by someone who is passionate about vehicles, just like you. Roggi’s experienced technicians have a loyal following because we take good care of every car.

Whether your vehicle has a problem with its technologies or its mechanical systems, we get the work done fast and we do it right. Visit our contact page to get in touch with us now.


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