How to Choose the Best Mechanic for Your Foreign Car

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You took your time buying your foreign truck; it’s your baby. Are you really going to let just anyone do repair work on her? No shade to your corner mechanic; they probably do a good job, but handling a foreign car requires a certain level of expertise that not every mechanic has. 

It would help if you looked for the right foreign car mechanic in Hartford, CT, to handle the car as the manufacturer intended. Here’s how you can choose the right mechanic for your foreign car. 

1. Ask for Certifications

It is the first and most important step when looking for a foreign car mechanic. Basic certifications include ASE or AAA. Special training as a foreign car mechanic proves they can handle a foreign or luxury vehicle. 

2. Availability of OEM parts

Before settling on a luxury car mechanic, ensure they have original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto parts. That’s what we at Roggi’s Auto Shop offer. We promise only to use OEM parts when you allow us to work on your car. 

OEM parts are not always readily available at your corner mechanic. We are a dealer alternative, so we can easily access these parts and have the skills required to replace them. 

3. Warranty included 

Warranties are essential should your foreign car develop a problem after visiting an auto repair shop. Before allowing any mechanic to work on your luxury vehicle, ensure they have a warranty service. 

You’ll get that at Roggi’s Auto, as we offer a 36-month/36k mile warranty for parts and labor.

4. Go to the manufacturer’s website

Some manufacturers often list recommended auto repair and car service shops on their website, so you should check them out.

Alternatively, the more popular car models will have an enthusiast community on the website, where you can ask participants for directions to the best repair service shops. These sites are handy as the responses are often based on user experience.

5. Cost

Before settling on any auto shop that services foreign cars, consider the cost. Even though it’s prudent to look for a bargain, you shouldn’t just settle on the cheapest mechanic for the sake of it. 

However, affordable does not always mean poor service, and expensive does not equate to the best service. At Roggi’s, we offer quality auto repair services at rates lower than your typical dealer repair. 

6. Recommendations and reviews

Will you risk taking your foreign car to a mechanic no one’s heard of? Didn’t think so. Before settling on a mechanic, ask for reviews or recommendations from friends and family within Hartford, CT. They will lead you to skilled mechanics with experience working on foreign trucks. And that’s us. 

Don’t wait until it’s an emergency

If your car doesn’t start or produces sooty smoke, chances are you’ll take it to the corner mechanic for a quick fix. The desire to find a fast solution will cloud your judgment and cause you to make a hasty decision. 

That tiny mistake may cost you thousands in repairs. Look for a certified foreign car mechanic before a major breakdown happens to lower your repair costs. 

Roggi’s Auto Repair Is the Link to the Right Foreign Car Mechanic

We’re your friendly neighborhood auto repair shop. Not only do we provide expert services, but we treat our customers like family. We guarantee that you and your beloved are in safe hands because our team is:

  • Fully certified
  • Fast 
  • Friendly

Did we mention that we hold the title as the best auto repair shop and car service in Hartford, CT, for 14 years straight? We didn’t get that by chance. Our passion and expertise in handling foreign cars are legendary within the area. 

Have you decided that we’re the right guys for the job? Call us at (860) 200-3480 or fill in our contact form. We’re ready to provide car service on your foreign truck. 


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